With lots of  stalls offering a wide range of healing, alternative therapies, health and well being products, ethical cosmetics, psychic readings, fair-trade gifts, Wiccan and Pagan ritual supplies and gorgeous hand crafted wares, The Llangollen Mind Body Spirit Festival promises to be a wonderful day of discovery and delight.  You can immerse yourself in so many different experiences and float on the tranquil energies of this unique event.

Here is just a tiny selection of the many wonderful exhibitors who have all contributedto the positive spirit of The Llangollen Mind Body Spirit Festival:-

   www.facebook.com/dharmaholistictherapies         www.dharmawomble.co.uk

Helen, the proprietor of Dharma Holistic Therapies & Crafts, is a fully qualified holistic therapist.  Holistic medicine is a  type of healing that considers the whole person - mind, body and emotions - in the quest for optimal health and wellness.  Helen also makes beautiful spell pouches and, with her healing background, sells fully empowered crystals.


Jane is a psychic with a difference.  She gives her readings in the wonderful setting of her very own London taxi cab!  Not only does this lift her readings into a whole new realm of experience,  the quality, in-depth readings she gives are completely private - and will indeed 'give your life a lift!'



Jo's exciting new company is called Cariad Crystal Healing and Spiritual Guidance.  Crystal Healing is an ancient therapy that works with the natural energy of crystals and gemstones to improve health and well-being. Crystal healing is holistic – the treatment helps restore health and balance at all levels: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual, unlike conventional medicine which treats symptoms alone.  Jo carefully selects the appropriate healing crystals to vibrate harmoniously with your own inner energies to negate any manifestations of dis-ease and promote your optimum health.


Claire Hegarty is a Health and Lifestyle Expert, with over 16 years experience in the field of personal development and is a Certified Trainer of NLP, Time Line Therapy (R), Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching.  Her experience covers a wide range of areas including weight loss and gastric band hypnotherapy, eating disorders, depression, stress, anxiety, addictions, smoking, confidence boosting, stress management and much more.  Claire has also become qualified in a range of spiritual techniques.  Her presentation gives an insight into these teachings and how they can benefit you, your life, your business, your health and much more.